Rice for Breakfast?

Can you handle that? Actually for me it's rather convenient if I really don't feel like cooking and the rice is already pre-made. Oatmeal on the other hand can be had for lunch or dinner as a stir fry with vegetables and if you like chicken or beef. Add some tamari and you would be fooled to know you were eating oatmeal!

This particular recipe I use peaches. It's September here in Seattle but still very sunny so I thought the peaches and hearty grain mix would go together well. Use whatever seasonal fruit that you like if your not into peaches. Peaches work very well for this recipe.

Rice For Breakfast

1/2 c brown rice
1/2 peach, diced
1/2 c raisins
dash of cinnamon
dollop of honey (unless your vegan you can use your preferred sweetener)
Your choice of rice, almond, hemp or regular milk

Place rice, raisins, cinnamon and milk into a pot on low heat. Dice up your peach mix it it and add honey.

It is said through out the centuries in eastern countries that the combination of honey and cinnamon are a miracle cure for many ailments and are believed to be a big cancer fighter.

It's advised that you eat cinnamon and honey on toast every day to stay healthy!

A word on honey: most vegans do not eat honey because they feel that 'bee farming' is unethical. If you can't stay away from honey at least stay away from commercial honey and buy locally at your weekly market or health food store. Or become a bee keeper!

Here is an article about cinnamon and honey.

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