What Everybody Should Know About Oolong Tea

By Lee Dobbins

Extensive research showed how oolong tea had magnificently made a difference on diverting the market into consuming a new breed of tea from the traditional green and black teas.

The benefits of oolong tea are diverse. From its unique flavor and aroma to its endless list of healthful benefits, oolong tea is definitely a must-add element in your everyday health regimen.

To know more about oolong tea, here is a list of its proven health advantages.

1. It contains higher amount of polyphenols

The oolong tea is considered more powerful weapon in the fight against stomach cancer. A study in Shanghai, China, where oolong is consumed by more than 80% of tea drinkers, showed that oolong tea drinkers had a lower risk of stomach cancer than those who did not drink oolong tea. Oolong tea contains higher concentrations of polyphenols, anti-oxidative substances that can inhibit the formation and growth of a variety of tumors, including stomach cancer.

Best of all, polyphenols are known substances that remove free radicals from the body, thereby, enabling the body to fight against cancer.

2. Foils skin damage

Sometimes the best way to fend off skin damage is to get back to the basics. So toss your high-tech skin treatments aside and indulge in great-smelling, mouth-watering oolong tea. According to the experts, oolong tea can significantly protect your skin from excessive appearance of dark pigments brought about by free radicals.

Moreover, these free radicals are known culprits for facilitating skin ageing. With oolong tea, you can definitely stop the ageing process by instilling polyphenols in the body, which in turn, delay the ageing process.

3. Cut down triglyceride level

Too-high triglyceride levels are another factor associated with a greater risk of heart disease especially when the count reaches 150 or above. This is even true in some people with total cholesterol levels of 150 or below. If you have already had a heart attack, you need to take an especially aggressive stand against these troublemakers by aiming for a target of 100 or below.

If your triglyceride score is too high, restrict saturated fat. Weight loss is particularly important in normalizing triglycerides. With the help of oolong tea, you can easily gain control in losing triglyceride because of its polyphenol content. This substance activates the enzyme that is in charge of melting fatty deposits known as triglycerides. Plus, oolong tea can facilitate fat metabolism within the body.

4. Lesser caffeine content

For those who want to enjoy an afternoon cup of hot drink, instead of coffee or any other type of tea, it is best that they drink oolong tea instead. Experts say that the caffeine content in oolong tea is half as much as that of the black tea and green tea.

Higher dosage of caffeine in the body tends to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system that manages the heart rate. This will, in turn, trigger heart palpitations.

So for healthy reasons, it is best to drink oolong tea. You may never know its health benefits unless you try.

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Benefits of Green Tea

By Seth Miller

Through the course of time, the benefits of green tea are not only solely confined to the improvement of health. The benefits of green tea extend as well into the field of beauty.

Beauty Benefits

Green tea extract can be applied to the skin as one would do with lotion or makeup. It is naturally rich in antioxidants, which provide gentle exfoliation, thus giving the skin a healthy natural glow.

Health Benefits

The fountain of youth; that is green tea. Green tea is recognized to provide a larger quantity of polyphenols and theanine, which provide a much greater amount of antioxidant activity compared to the servings of broccoli, carrots, strawberries, or spinach. Undoubtedly, green tea is good for the body in a number of ways. Its profound power in the prevention of diseases and other health complications covers a wide arena.

1. Green tea enhances health. It has the ability to lengthen one's life and prevent the onset of varied diseases.

2. Green tea prevents cancer. Cancer comes in all sorts of forms. Tannin and catechin are two of the main ingredients present in green tea that both actively combat against this dreaded disease.

3. Green tea regulates blood cholesterol. The catechin found in green tea can restrict excessive accumulation of cholesterol that may vigorously lead to heart problems.

4. Green tea lowers the risk of high blood pressure, which is the main culprit of serious cardiovascular troubles.

5. Green tea lowers the blood sugar.

6. Green tea suppresses fast aging. A buildup of lipid peroxide mixed up with oxygen increases aging in a fast pace; this is, in turn, combated by the green tea.

7. Green tea refreshes the body as the muscles are soothed and the blood is properly circulated.

8. Green tea fights off food poisoning. This kind of tea is known to sterilize every food intake, thus possessing the knack to destroy bacteria which may be the main cause of food poisoning.

9. Green tea is a good remedy for skin diseases. The application of green tea extract proves to be a good cure for athlete's foot, bedsore, and all sorts of skin diseases.

10. Green tea hinders the formation of cavities.

11. Green tea scraps the presence of all types of viruses that aim to harm the human body.

It is noted that green tea drinkers and users enjoy numerous benefits derived from it. Hence, they are able to live life with less complications and health problems.

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Macrobiotic Diets and Ki Energy

By Roberto Bonami


A Macrobiotic Diet is a natural approach to health and healing. Although it is manily known as a balanced diet, it is actually a way of life that involves every area of human activity in the search of personal growth, and body, mind and spirit transformation, because the food we eat not only sustains life, but also underlies our health and happiness.

Sagen Ishizuka, a japanese army doctor that lived around the end of the last century was who first establiched a theory of nutrition and medicine based on the traditional oriental diet.

He was a sick man that suffered from kidney and skin desease, so in order to restore his health he sudied extensively both western and eastern medicine, and compiled his lifelong study conclutions in two books: "Chemical Theory of Longevity" (published in 1896) and "Diet for Health" (published in 1898)

He cured thousands of patiens by having them eat a traditional diet based on brown rice, and a variety of land and sea vegetables, and his healing technique was based on the recognition of the following five principles:

Foods are the foundation of health and happines

Sodium and potassium are the primary antagonistic and complementary elements in food, and they most strongly determine ist character or "ying yang" quality

Grain is the staple food of man

Food should be unrefined, whole and natural

Food should be grown locally and eaten in season

Macrobiotic diets in its modern form was first spread through the world by Mr. George Ohwasa (1897 - 1966), that after becoming acquainted with this way of thinking (he learned it from two of Mr Ishizuka's disciples: Manabu Nishibata and Shojiro Goto) at the age of eighteen in several months cured himself of a number "incurable" sickness, including a terminal tuberculosis.

When Mr Ohwasa established his own organization, he devoted himself more to the teaching of the yina and yang philosophy rather than the direct treatment of the sick.


In Greek, macro means: "big or great" and biotic means: "concerning life" so the word refers to the big view of life, and it invites us to learn the underlying unity of nature.

The macrobiotic diet approach to healing simply involves providing the proper material and allowing the body to heal itself, though it is not parimarily a diet for curing sichnes or a new fad, it is a way of life based on the understanding of the rhythm, the ebb and flow of nature, it is a way of living towards happiness.

A macrobiotic diet can be used as a method of dealing with symptomatic health problems, or it can become your way of eating. As a matter of fact many of the macrobiotic diet healing methods are only effective if you change your way of eating to a macrobiotic diet.

However, some of the macrobiotic diet's healing methods are so poweful that anyone can be helped with them (although only temporarily). But if you start eating macrobiotically you will stop needing the symptomatic treatements, because your daily way of eating will gradually eliminate the toxins and excesses from your body (although you can use the symptomatic treatements to speed up the healing process).

Oriental doctors have used herbs, acupuncture, homeopatic preparations and related techniques for thousands of years to deal with symptoms and sickness, and they always considered the daily diet as the basic tool to approach health problems.

The modern medicine and dieatary principles is changing every year. New techniques and new medications are introduced every year while others are abandoned in an endless dance where many of those medicaments have found to have side effects (or even produce new sickness) and year after year they become more and more expensive.

But the main difference between traditional and modern medicine, is that modern medicine looks for the active chemical ingredients that might be used to produce tablets, but do not consider the nutritional ingredients (such as vitamins or protein contents) or the acids and enzymes, as part of the healing properties of natural products.


When a food item is considered as a possible medication, an oriental doctor will always consider the energy of that food (also called KI), and this energy can be different in two foods that are chemically identical and for example they have a different shape.

KI in Japan, CHI in China or GEE in Korea, could be translated as "electromagnetic charge" or "vibration" and oriental doctors have studied for centuries what kind of ki each food item is made of, and what kind of ki-energy produce in our body when we consume them.

Following the same line of thought, they tried to understand symptoms and sickness as ki patterns, and developed ways to influence it through the use of shiatsu, moxibustion, energy healing, acupuncture, herbal medicine and so on. Oriental cultures, sciences, medicines, philosophies and religions, know since thousands of years ago that everything that exists is ki. Everything is energy, waves, vibration. And the difference between the material world and the spiritual world is only a difference in the ki density.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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