Stress Free Holidays

This year I'm torn on what to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. On the one hand I'm obligated to spend with my family, but would also like to entertain my friends who have no family in the area.

I've always tried to be a good guest when visiting friends and family and here are a few other ways on How to Be a Heavenly Houseguest over the holidays.

After all the holidays are about spending time with family and friends and hopefully about letting things go from past family rifts and looking forward to the year ahead.

Here is what I try to do to de-stress if I am a guest or entertaining:

  1. Plan ahead - This seems so obvious and is rarely implemented. Start months in advanced if you can. Who will be attending or where will you be headed? What is on the menu and what are you expected to bring? Will there be activites or just a lot of visiting and preparing food?

    Make lists and prioritorize. Arrange appropriately: Thinks that must be done, things that can be put off, items that can be delegated or even omitted.

    Don't make more work for yourself than you have to. Plan your work and work your plan!
  2. Schedule down time - Bring or offer something to read. If you are a crafter bring your knitting, crochet or needlework. Use early morning or going to bed for time to journal about things you are thankful for.

    Research and have a traditional tea time and offer snacks. Plan out a night cap. It's perfectly acceptable to bring a bottle of wine, port, gourmet coffee or tea and even treats like cookies or a cake. In advanced ask your host if it will be appropriate and maybe plan out an hour which everyone can have a sit down and unwind.
  3. Go for a walk together or alone - Exercise is one of the best ways to destress!

    Get out of the house for awhile and escape the family rukus or connect with a family member or friend on a liesurely stroll.

Make the holidays pleasant for everyone and make it a Thanksgiving or Christmas for everyone to remember.